How our manufactory design and works with handmade

Sustainable and responsible sourcing

Our raw materials, whether gold, silver, precious stones or pearls come from approved, responsible and sustainable channels. We are proud to be able to guarantee the origin of all the elements that go into the manufacture of our jewelry.

French society and crafts

Our jewelry is designed in France, our circuit is 100% French to ensure the best quality. France is the world leader in jewelry, and we are proud to offer you, wherever you are in the world, rare products of extreme quality. Jewels are not objects like any other, they carry with them dreams, hopes, memories… their manufacture therefore requires the greatest care in order to make them as eternal as your emotions.

Concern for the environment

Whether in the manufacture or transport of your jewelry, we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon impact. This is why, since 2020, Orchaine has been committed to a zero carbon plan in order to ensure that each of our customers has a carbon neutral impact, from the manufacture to delivery of your jewel.


We are creators of passions and inventiveness. Our jewelry is rare and unique. They are the reflection of your personality, they allow you to show the world what you hold in you, preciously. Our jewelry is made only from rare and precious materials, as precious as you are. We are committed to heritage and sustainability, making your jewelry an object of eternity that you can pass on to the next generation. To accomplish this goal, we work deeply and in detail on the quality of our products to make them durable and unique.

The Orchaine Paris house is a house of excellence, symbol of luxury and refinement.

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We design unique jewelry that looks like you, we work on beauty so that you can express your true personality.


We deliver to you anywhere in the world, in just a few days.


We advise and support you, free and unlimited returns and exchanges, do not be afraid of size problems, we are at your side.


Our products are guaranteed, we only sell unique products made from the best materials in the world. We design every product to last a long time.


Designed and made in France, this gives the best jewelry in the world.